Was SpaceX's Rocket Sabotaged?

The Washington Post yesterday outlined a previously unreported interaction between SpaceX and competing company United Launch Alliance. In Read more

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Arguing about whether the F-35 can dogfight misses a really big point

WASHINGTON, DC - According to some reports, America's fifth-generation stealth aircraft doesn't excel at dogfighting . But fortunately, the F-35 Lightning II is not built for... Read more

2 minutes ago

These beautiful headphones from Denmark let you change all the parts - even the speakers

What if you could have many different kinds of headphones in one pair? The TMA-2 modular headphones from Danish audio company AIAIAI lets you change the way headphones sound... Read more

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Earth's atmosphere now has carbon dioxide levels unseen for 15 million years, and we might be past the point of no return

The world has crossed a major greenhouse gas milestone, and it may never turn back. The Manua Loa Observatory in Hawaii has maintained a continuous record of atmospheric carbon... Read more

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Microsoft bought Minecraft for $2.5 billion to make sure it's around for the next hundred years

When Microsoft bought Mojang, the makers of the insanely popular Minecraft, in a surprise $2.5 billion deal in September 2014, nobody knew what to think. The game seemed an odd... Read more

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Step inside the Russian school where children train with AK-47s as a reward for academics

In Russia's Southern city of Stavropol, children can attend a school that rewards academics with military-style field exercises like overnight camp-outs, weapons training and... Read more

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9 Tips For Turning Side Projects Into Legit Businesses

There are numerous reasons why people start a side project. Maybe you just want the extra cash or want to finally work on a job that you love. Regardless of the reason, there's... Read more

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Mass Media Sentiment Soars: Unloved Stock Market Bull Likely to Pullback

Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy. Saadi For the past few months, we continued to Google the Term, Dow 19K, Dow 20K and Dow 21K. We got the most... Read more

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Remote Work Can Work For Tech

As technology continues to fuel the success of businesses around the world it's becoming ever more important to find and retain talented tech employees. Distributed teams and... Read more

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Never Give Up

This summer's Summer Olympics came and went, but as always, they left us with memories of some outstanding performances and awe-inspiring stories. A great example is... Read more

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Everything you know about millennial spending is about to change

Millennials are becoming parents - and it's creating shockwaves in the retail, restaurant, automotive, and home-buying industries. The 18 to 35-year-old generation are... Read more

French automaker Citroën just showed off its striking concept car loaded...

French auto manufacturer Citroën is showing off its latest concept car at the Paris Motor Show that runs October 1-12. Called the CXperience, the concept car has a sleek look... Read more

6 Factors E-Commerce Companies Need to Consider When Choosing a Web Host

If you're planning to start an e-commerce-based business, then choosing the right web hosting service can be the difference between having consistent sales or consistent... Read more

5 Tips for Balancing Strategic and Operational Delivery

Customer Success Managers are accountable for building and nurturing the on-going relationship with clients. This is broadly focused on understanding your client's key business... Read more

US homeowners get a huge tax break almost nobody knows about, and it's even...

Benjamin van de Klundert calls the Amsterdam apartment he owns with his wife, Jessy, "cozy." The tall and narrow brick one-bedroom occupies the floors above a bar in the trendy... Read more

A $50 device turns any video into a 3D experience - and is a terrifying way...

Someday in the future, movies and video games might all be designed to be viewed in special virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear that make us feel... Read more

BAML: These 3 policy concerns 'keep us up at night' ahead of the US...

With the presidential election just over five weeks away, economic strategists are trying to prepare for all possible outcomes and the respective risks they present. The... Read more

Funding Circle CEO says it's a 'golden age' for marketplace lending as...

The CEO of marketplace lender Funding Circle says the industry is going through a "golden age" despite troubles for platforms like Lending Club this year. Funding Circle is the... Read more

Funding Circle CEO says it's a 'golden age' for marketplace lending as...

The CEO of marketplace lender Funding Circle says the industry is going through a "golden age" despite troubles for platforms like Lending Club this year. Funding Circle is the... Read more

Hillary Clinton muses over Bernie Sanders' supporters in leaked audio recording

Hillary Clinton was apparently looking for ways to appeal to Bernie Sanders supporters during a contentious Democratic primary campaign, according to leaked audio revealed this... Read more